Q  –  Can a real estate agent help me find a rental property?


A  –  A Realtor can assist you by performing a detailed search for a property to rent based on your specific criteria. That criteria is used to query the multiple listing database for all active listings that match what your are looking for. Now, the real benefit comes into play when the MLS does not have a search function for a particular criteria that you desire. The realtor, then, must comb through the listings first and filter out the non-applicable results before sending them to you. In other words, yes, a realtor will be a strong and free resource that will save you time and energy.
Additionally, a realtor can negotiate a rental through an offer to rent that is submitted with your ideal terms. So many of my clients are pleasantly wowed when the see me advocate for them to qualify for a rental and then negotiate a better deal for them, whether that is the monthly rent amount or asking deposit. 

Q  –  How much does it cost to hire a realtor to help find a rental?


A  –  We collect our fee from the landlord/seller. Our services to our clients are typically free.